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This is a company which gives promoters an opportunity to do business at affordable price. They can promote their products and services by sitting at one place.

Short Code

Short code is one of the best marketing tools to generating leads and for receiving customer feedbacks. It is a 5-6 digit number to send and receive SMS to and from mobile phones. It can be used by advertising agency, media companies, TV channels, radio station, telecom companies, banking and marketing savvy companies for campaign etc.

Short codes are two types: shared short code and dedicated short cord. Shared code is one that is shared among the clients of a service provider. Dedicated short codes are unique to each individual business. Dedicated short codes are two types: vanity and random. Random dedicated short codes are those random combinations of numbers for example 467591. Vanity dedicated short codes are simple and easy to remember for example 113344. As it does not consume a lot of time so it is used by most of the business hubs.

Features of short code:

Two way messaging service.
Complete reporting.
Change auto replies as many times you want.
Easy to remember and reach.
There will be wide range of choice of short codes.
You can create unlimited sub keywords of main keywords.
BY using URL forwarding feature receive SMS at your web server.