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This is a company which gives promoters an opportunity to do business at affordable price. They can promote their products and services by sitting at one place.

Voice SMS

It is very effective and most ideal for business when you need to information for your clients in a way you have record naturally. It is pre recorded message send to your customers. It helps those customers whom are illiterate and not to read messages so this service beneficial easy to understand. This tool is not effective but strengthens your customer base. Voice SMS service provider in Tamil Nadu assures you to fast and high quality service at all times. The message can be sending in different regional language according to geographical area. You can record message in your own voice it make it voice SMS. Marketers generally used for lead generation, service reminders, event notifications, political campaign, fund raising, customer survey, voter registrations, branding and a lot more. We offer you various types of voice SMS plans so can select the plan which is suitable for your need. It improves your business productivity.

Features of voice sms:

Option to add or remove any number from your campaign
Upload mp3 or WAV options
Pay only for answered calls
Easy to use control panel
Message can be send between 9 am to 9 pm on promotional route
Text to speech option is available
Marketing product and services